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The reckless record player story

We had some new windows installed in the warehouse. They're really nice. The company that did them did a great job. They're bright and shiny and clean. We're thinking about installing a glass ceiling just because they're so good. It was expensive, though. Windows aren't normally something that you want to be spending money on, … Continue reading The reckless record player story

Darn cold

Darn cold

The air conditioning is broken. It won't shut off. It's like a box at the top of the wall right next to Wally's office. In the evening we shut it off with a remote controller, but the batteries in it died and we didn't have anymore, so Barndale and I decided to grab a ladder, … Continue reading Darn cold

Three St. Andrew’s Hospitals too many, a Tragedy in one act

I've had a very long day, longer than I would have preferred or could have prepared for. It's involved several forms of transportation across the state and away from work, which sounds like a relief until you realize that I was on an absolutely unnecessary business trip that involved too many hospitals of the same … Continue reading Three St. Andrew’s Hospitals too many, a Tragedy in one act

Seeing the glass half full

You know what's odd? Circles. Circles? Yes, circles, but most importantly, the number pi that's contained in each one. It's everywhere! Smoke detectors? Yep, they're round. Toilet paper rolls? Those too. The plastic wheels on your office chair? Yes, bloody yes--we're talking about a pretty basic shape here. Contained somewhere deep in the hidden digits … Continue reading Seeing the glass half full