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Are you suffering from Ad Nauseam?

Ad Nauseam, adv/n adv: Describing that which has been repeated so often that it has become irritating n: A mental disorder brought upon by overly repetitive activities, including; but not limited to; work, school, and professional wrestling   Do your daily activities seem pointless? Does your willpower seem to diminish severely by the end of … Continue reading Are you suffering from Ad Nauseam?


Seeing the glass half full

You know what's odd? Circles. Circles? Yes, circles, but most importantly, the number pi that's contained in each one. It's everywhere! Smoke detectors? Yep, they're round. Toilet paper rolls? Those too. The plastic wheels on your office chair? Yes, bloody yes--we're talking about a pretty basic shape here. Contained somewhere deep in the hidden digits … Continue reading Seeing the glass half full