“This is the first time in the history of the world that these exact words were combined in this exact order.” – Anonymous, 1 May 2017

I hope that you will find Not Half Good to be exactly how I named it. I will pour my heart, soul, and endless free-time into this blog in the hope that you will continue to hold the same interest in my interests so long as I hold the same interest in them as I do now.

What you can expect from┬áthis blog are only things that are of extreme interest and importance to me. That will include anecdotes from my life that taught me something, news articles that I don’t find boring, and maybe some free-verse poetry when I feel like it. All that I ask of you is that you give me the occasional chance to entertain you.

I am an anonymous laborer at an overstock warehouse somewhere in the Midwest. I am thrilled by the English language and even more so by the proper use of it. I enjoy learning about most things and forgetting about some things, but as my life goes on I find that it is both the good and the bad that help me make the right decisions. [Speaking of which,] I live with two salamanders that belong in a zoo.